A Little Luck
(Reading, Writing, & Romance #3)


Pandora Pine





Release Date

September 5th, 2017



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When first grade teacher Knox Keaton finds out one of his students is about to be put into foster care, he knows he has to intervene. Even though it won’t be easy raising a child on his own, Knox wants to make six-year-old Milo Kemper a part of his family.

Pediatrician Ben Wagner wants the boy to be a part of his family too and believes he would be a better father to Milo because he is better equipped to deal with the first grader’s unique situation. Doctor Ben knows something about the child that no one else does: Milo is transgender.

When a tug-of-war ensues over Milo between the equally qualified potential fathers, a family friend makes what seems like a crazy suggestion: Get married and raise Milo together. Both men, who get along like oil and water, initially scoff at the idea but take the plunge and say, “I do.”

While the solution seems simple enough, it’s anything but. Life as newlyweds with Milo isn’t easy, and the pair questions if they are truly ready for the challenges they’re facing. Aside from navigating life with a young child, neither man is ready to face the feelings that have been growing for the other.

The only thing scarier than figuring out how to live life as a family is the possibility of it all falling apart. Can Ben and Knox admit their feelings for each other or will they keep those feelings hidden and stay together for Milo’s sake?



Book Cover

  • Generic but attractive


  • Memorable after I put it down for a few hours


  • The transgender aspect of the story
  • The ending was sweet and hilarious

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Could use an editor

Sex Scenes

  • Decently hot and/or sweet


  • The typos took me out of the book a few times

Emotional Depth

  • Moderately emotional

Content Warnings

  • Abuse (past, major characters)

Big thank you to the author – as far as I know, there are no m/m books that feature or even mention young trans kids, and there should be! We seem to forget that boys and girls often have enough awareness of gender differences to have a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” in elementary school, so why can’t a kid be self-aware enough to know they are trans?

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