A Star is Born
(The Most Popular Guy in the School #3)


Robbie Michaels


Actor , Bigotry , Cheating , College , Geeks , Retail


Harmony Ink Press

Release Date

September 14th, 2012



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Having left New York and their old lives behind them, Mark and Bill are settling into their new home in California, their jobs, and their college courses. At least Mark is, but when Bill's acting career takes off, Bill leaves college - and Mark - behind to film around the world. Learning to live together was hard - being the boyfriend of a budding superstar is almost inconceivable. Though it's a struggle to stay relevant to each other when they live in different worlds, Mark is committed to Bill and their relationship.

When Mark gets an unexpected long weekend, he decides to surprise Bill on location in Maui. After all, it's Mark's birthday, and he wants to spend it with his boyfriend. But when he gets there it is Mark that is surprised when he finds Bill and his costar in bed together. The combination of fame, fortune and infidelity seems to spell the end for Bill and Mark - until a personal tragedy drags them back to New York, where it all began, and reminds them what really matters.



Book Cover

  • Meh


  • Read all at once (normal)


  • Although Mark is generally pissed off about having to become a hermit due to the attention Bill's getting and what it's doing to their relationship, he is still very supportive
  • Bill was doing so well…
  • That the author brought up how those being cheated on often sadly blame themselves*
  • Usually, when a person has the wherewithal and doesn't leave a relationship after being cheated on, I consider them a doormat; however, Mark held all the cards, knew it, and used them to his advantage
  • Oddly enough, the cheating seemed to deepen Mark and Bill's relationship somehow, and it brought clarification and structure it was sorely lacking before
  • Although actors are typically closeted, Bill never was and still managed to top the box office charts
  • That Mark's mom helped save a lot of lives...

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Sad


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Scene-free (I think)


  • When Bill tells Mark he loves him partly because he saved his life, it makes me wonder how much of their relationship is hero worship or based on a favor owed
  • …and then he had to go and fuck it up by actually doing what he was allegedly doing in the last book
  • It's terribly convenient that Mark walked in RIGHT as they were cheating; not realistic
  • Bill creepily stalking Mark in an effort to explain himself was not okay - just give him some time, geez
  • The aftermath of cheating (after the discussion regarding moving forward in the future) felt glossed over; it seemed like they would need couples therapy at the very least
  • There's a lot happening in the book - one big thing after another, and it's a bit much
  • ...at the cost of her own

Emotional Depth

  • Moderately emotional^

Content Warnings

  • Character death (supporting, one, present)
  • Cheating (major/supporting, two, present)
  • Violence (supporting, one, present)

*The question I had asked Moira earlier during our phone call was one that I really would like to have answered. What was I doing to cause Bill to cheat on me? What wasn’t I doing that he needed? I loved him, and I thought he loved me.

Just because it happened TO you, doesn’t mean it’s your fault. Assuming you didn’t just jump right into the relationship with limited information, of course. A flaw in their character doesn’t mean there’s a flaw in yours as well.


***Mark just wanted to surprise Bill in Hawaii, but Bill surprised him instead by cheating, forgetting it was Mark’s birthday, and even forgetting it was Mark’s 20th birthday – which Mark repeatedly said was important to him because he’d no longer be a teenager anymore.


^Almost full-gamut, but not quite


This ended on a sad, to-be-continued note, but I don’t know if the series will ever be finished since this came out forever ago.

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