At Sixes and Sevens
(Fur, Fangs, and Felines #4)


M.A. Church


Dreamspinner Press

Release Date

November 10th, 2017



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Werecats mating with humans was bad enough…. But an Alpha werewolf?

Aidric’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Alpha Carter Lovelock of the Dark Lake Pack—who is apparently his mate. Now Aidric must decide whether to accept the mate the goddess chose, or deny her gift because cats and dogs just don’t mix.

Carter is in a pickle. He always assumed his mate would be a female werewolf. How else is Carter supposed to carry on his line and retain Alphaship? When Aidric comes into his life, Carter’s ex, Sabrina, isn’t giving up easily. Her brother, Delaney, is a thorn in Carter’s side, and some of the other werewolves go out of their way to make Aidric feel unwelcome, including one of his deltas, Evan.

Unfortunately, what little headway they make is destroyed during a full moon hunt when enemy werewolves attack Aidric and threaten the pack house where the Dark Lake pups are kept—an ambush that could have devastating consequences on their future.

Werewolves are notoriously insular, and before Carter and Aidric can build the life they want with each other, they’ll face a fight for acceptance.



Book Cover

  • Made by a pro with marketing experience^


  • Eagerly awaited after I put it down for a few hours


  • The book started out really cute with Aidric in cat form, chasing his tail, and talks about how one of his favorite pastimes is playing in boxes
  • That the author made a point to have this character be attracted to bald men; that's pretty rare in this genre
  • All werewolves are bi, which makes for interesting relationship dynamics...
  • The D/s aspect that Aidric needed was a riveting plot point*
  • That Carter is an alpha who's reasonable, totally okay with showing emotion, instead of the usual stoic lust-addled douchecanoe
  • The fight between the bigot and Janelle for the beta position was awesome; just because she's different doesn't mean she's less
  • The action scene during the climax
  • I greatly enjoyed the Circle of Stone scene near the end

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot
  • Decently sweet


  • I really don't want to read about Sabrina in explicit detail, thanks
  • Sabrina became a catty and petty antagonist, right off the bat…sigh**
  • …yet the character's sex and procreative abilities are STILL at the forefront of discussion
  • It seems that Aidric was totally dead-set against mating, but within 24 hours he was ready to mate
  • The way the author set up the kid thing***
  • Logic fail: Aidric was on top during sex with an extremely painful, muscle-deep, not-completely-magically-healed thigh wound; you need thigh muscles to do things, and he should have been screaming in pain instead of pleasure****
  • They also try to pull the 'love conquers all' BS during the climax, and I can't handle it*****
  • I had real difficulty remembering Aidric and Carter's names for some reason
  • The part where Carter meets Aidric's clowder was skippable

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • BDSM (namely, D/s)
  • Kink (namely, exhibitionism)
  • Character death (minor, one, present)
  • Violence

^I absolutely LOVE Paul Richmond’s work, although Carter’s face looks kind of lopsided

*It’s good that his alpha mate enjoys being topped/dominated in the bedroom, because Aidric really needs to do it; I enjoy reading about switched dynamics like this

**She started assuming things she shouldn’t have because the depth of their relationship was clearly outlined, and promptly lost her mind afterward finding out about Aidric. When she finally meets him, she talks about how she was supposed to mate with Carter and not him; his hilarious response was how that really must be a great alternate reality she’s been living in…HA

***Carter’s sister-in-law died, which meant that his brother would shortly lose his mind and go feral, leaving their tween son to fend for himself; I could see from miles away (39% in) that this was a plot device for Carter to acquire a blood heir without having to deal with surrogacy, etc. I was right. Booooo

****Aidric then talks about how much his thigh still aches – well, riding Carter like he’s a bucking bronco sure as hell didn’t help matters much. Duh.

*****Aidric was like “I see you’re about to go feral, but I just want you to come back to me because I love you” and Carter’s basically like *growl* (“well, okay, then, everything’s great, I’m fine now”). No.

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