Bitten by Design
(Regent’s Park Pack #2)


Annabelle Jacobs



Release Date

March 28th, 2017



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When the last thing you want, is everything you need….

Seb Calloway isn’t interested in shifters. After his best friend bonded with one, he avoids getting involved with them—no matter how hot they are—to prevent the same thing from happening to him. Why take the risk for a few hours of fun?

Tim Walters is the pack doctor. Considered to be mild-mannered and non-threatening by pack standards, he prides himself on being able to stay calm and maintain his control at all times. Desperate for a bond of his own, he knows his interest in Seb is an exercise in futility, but he can’t seem to help himself.

When news emerges that threatens Seb’s safety, he and Tim need to fake a relationship to keep Seb safe. Despite Seb’s refusal to be anything other than friends with benefits, what starts out as pretend, quickly becomes more—for Tim at least. If Tim doesn't want to end up heartbroken, he needs to prove to Seb that loving a shifter doesn’t mean losing himself.
approx 87000 words



Book Cover

  • Headless torsos and/or exposed abs – how original


  • Memorable after I put it down for a few hours


  • That Seb gave in before the book was almost over...
  • The pack hierarchy is different compared to other shifter books

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Meh


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot


  • ...but due to the pacing of the book it still felt like a complete 180; he went from wanting it for the wrong reasons to suddenly wanting it for the right ones in just a few pages so I have difficulty believing that
  • The extremely flimsy reason why Seb needed additional assistance in the first place
  • Seb's reason for wanting to be bitten was just as flimsy; if he wanted to protect himself, couldn't he get shooting lessons or something...?
  • That Seb's shift didn't turn out like I'd hoped

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Character death (minor, multiple, present)


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