Business As Usual


Alison Hendricks





Release Date

February 22nd 2017



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Ever since my partner died, my life has been spiraling out of control. I’ve lost everything important to me, and now I’m losing the company he and I built. Investors are breathing down my neck, dictating my every move, and now they’ve hired some young, starry-eyed brand consultant to make me more palatable to the general public.

He’s ambitious, optimistic, and kind-hearted. Everything I’m not. And despite my best efforts, he’s starting to get under my skin. I’m not averse to mixing business with pleasure, but if he’s looking for more than a one night stand, he’s going to be sorely disappointed.


It’s always been my dream to work for Arion, one of the most innovative, fast-paced tech companies in the world. But now that my dream’s become a reality, I’m realizing it’s not what I thought it would be. This isn’t a think tank for genius minds, it’s a mess of red tape and bureaucratic bullshit. And billionaire CEO Darren Wilkes, the man I’ve idolized for years, is way more arrogant and aloof than I ever thought he’d be.

Unfortunately, he’s also a lot hotter than I thought he’d be. He’s definitely got the dark and brooding thing down pat. Somehow I have to ignore all that, though, since I’ve been given the impossible job of rehabilitating his public image.

I never expected to make it past Darren’s prickly exterior; to find the man who’s suffering beneath it all. But no matter what happens between us, I have to keep my head--and my heart.

I can’t afford to fall for my boss.



Book Cover

  • Exposed abs


  • Read all at once (normal)


  • That Jamie said what was on his mind and stood by his convictions
  • At least Darren is self-aware enough to see the similarities between Jamie and Ethan
  • That the climax was alluded to throughout the story, and not just suddenly THERE like in so many other books

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot
  • Decently sweet


  • Why did Darren and Ethan give away so much of their company?*

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Character death (supporting, one, past)

*It doesn’t make sense. I don’t think it’s explained in the book why they did this. If this company was so important to them (practically their baby) I don’t get why they’d give so much control to investors who didn’t have its best interests at heart; giving shares to others in that case is done extremely grudgingly.

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