Dominated by the Jock – The Complete Series


D.J. Heart



Release Date

October 23rd, 2015



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Jake, a cocky young stud with the body of a Greek god, isn't looking for a boyfriend. All he wants is to have fun and live the single life. When his best friend Tom sets him up on a blind date, all he's hoping for is a night of fun and then goodbye. That is, until he sees the boy he's been set up with...

Kyle has no intention of going on any stupid blind date. That is, until he sees Jake standing in his doorway. Now Kyle is in way over his head. Jake is hot like burning, kinky as hell, and he touches Kyle like he owns him. Kyle can barely keep up, and he's loving it.

This is the complete Dominated by the Jock series. It features BDSM, domination, rough sex, watersports, double penetration, and much more!

(This bundle also contains the Mitch and Misha story. This story is darker, and some readers might want to skip it.)



Book Cover

  • Overused stock photos


  • Read all at once (normal)


  • It shows that S&M and love/respect are not mutually exclusive
  • The more extreme kink elements

Character Depth

  • Ankle deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Could use an editor

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot


  • Only took up 77% of Kindle file
  • Not much plot

Emotional Depth

  • PWP

Content Warnings

  • Hardcore BDSM (watersports, sounding, raunch)
  • Dub-con (mild, present)


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