Game Point
(Dreamspun Desires #45)


M.J. O'Shea




Dreamspinner Press

Release Date

November 1st, 2017



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Game, set… match made in heaven.

Spoiled socialite Quinn Valenzuela has no interest in sports or his family’s huge sporting goods empire, Sparta Athletics. So when Quinn learns his grandfather has died and he’s in control of the corporation, no one is more surprised than Quinn himself.

Dedicated COO Porter Davis has little time and less patience for brats like Quinn who have never done a day’s work, but circumstances leave him with little choice. Quinn claims he’s ready to leave partying behind and grow up, but it’ll take more than words to earn Porter’s respect. As it turns out, they can work—and play—together after all. A friends with benefits arrangement makes sense for the two busy men, but are they too different for it to ever develop into more? Not if Quinn can convince Porter he has his head in the game.



Book Cover

  • Made by a pro with marketing experience*


  • Did not finish


  • My personality seems similar to Porter's…

Character Depth

  • Toe deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Annoyed


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes


  • ...because I absolutely cannot fathom why people keep calling Porter dramatic when it's blatantly obvious Quinn's is too stupid to live**
  • The author keeps bringing up how Quinn is Porter's boss, like just because he signs Porter's checks means he's worth the respect of someone actually skilled - um, no***
  • Quinn's mom seems so desperate for him to stay nearby that she seems perfectly okay with letting him run the company into the ground with zero training~
  • Their mutual dislike seemed to lessen too quickly - over the course of a few weeks, it seemed

Emotional Depth

  • Apathetic

Content Warnings

  • Drug use (consensual, ecstasy, one, present)
  • Character death (minor, one, present)

DNF@ 46%. I was getting bored, and the only character that made me want to keep reading was Porter – until from one chapter to the next Quinn is suddenly so competent Porter is asking him for help. Sigh. Unrealistic.

*The trim around his hair isn’t very detailed

**It feels like Quinn’s wasting everyone’s time just to get back at Porter like he’s a child or something

***and once Quinn realizes he’s the boss, he beats Porter over the head with it like the spoiled brat he is

~I have a low tolerance for incompetence and people who don’t know how to learn – he whined about how he had no clue what he was doing, and that no one was helping him figure it out. Can he not read a book? Attend a business class? Does he not know how the internet works? I’m sure there’s at least a fucking job description somewhere. He shouldn’t throw others under the bus because he wants to be told what to do and has zero initiative. He can hang out with his mom anytime without having to work, and rather than standing up and saying “I don’t want to party anymore and I want to take life more seriously” he chooses to potentially mess up other people’s livelihoods instead. Really?!

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