In His Pocket


Erica Pike


Ice Cave Publishing

Release Date

June 10th, 2013



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Patrick was twenty-one years old when he found fourteen year old Matt digging through his trash. Little did he know that he was about become the boy’s caretaker. Being a caretaker, however, was no easy task, especially since the kid managed to leave Patrick dumbfounded more than not as the years passed.

Now, at eighteen, Matt presents Patrick with a problem on a whole new level – a problem Patrick may not be able to solve. Matt wants him as a lover.

Please note: This story is "pseudo-incest", but there's only a 7 years age difference and it's the younger one pursuing the older, reluctant one. I hope people will realize that this little story is supposed to be humorous and not serious. Of course, my humor isn't to everyone's liking and I have a feeling the subject might offend some people, but heck, I like this story - even if it's my own ;)



Book Cover

  • Headless torsos and/or exposed abs – how original


  • Too brief to put down


  • The cock ring scene was very awkward and super funny
  • The story turned out to be really sweet

Character Depth

  • Toe deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy
  • Unresolved***


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Decently hot
  • Decently sweet


  • An especially egregious typo**
  • It was too short

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Incest (pseudo, caretaker/teen)
  • Abuse (neglect, major, one, past)

There’s only a 7-year age difference, and the OF AGE younger character is pursuing the older


*This story was free, so I’m not counting the cover as part of the review this time


I swallow back a big gulp of salvia

**I think that’s a drug, so this sentence seems potentially deadly


***I want to find out what happens next!

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