[L] Don’t Leave Me Alone


Jenny Wood



Release Date

March 27th, 2016



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Alvin is coming home to bury his family His whole family, all the family that he had left. His mom, dad and twin sisters. The military didn't think he was stable enough to come back but really, he was just worried how he'd get through the days. The first one's at his empty family home especially.

Carter is a school teacher going to the funeral of a very well respected family of his community. Not only does he see his crush from high-school, Alvin, but he also see's him all alone trying to say goodbye to the only people he had left. Carter doesn't see the fun-loving, carefree teen he crushed on; he's long gone and the grieving, lost man is in his place.

What will happen when Carter steps in to help this grieving man?
What will Alvin do when his eyes finally open and see's Carter?
Is leaning on someone in times of trouble the best way to start a relationship or do they realize it's the best foundation for love?

This book contains strong language and adult situations. It can be read as a standalone. Has HEA, no cliffhanger!



Book Cover

  • Fits the story



  • The story was great

Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


  • Bad enough that I almost DNFed repeatedly

Sex Scenes


  • This book badly needs an editor; I've never seen semicolons so misused in my life

Emotional Depth

Content Warnings


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