(The Dream Team #1)


Zane Menzy



Release Date

June 22nd, 2017



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Small town Kiwi lad Callum Bradshaw is terrified of stepping outside of his comfort zone and taking risks. He is struggling to move on with life after his fiancé Misty abruptly ended their engagement, breaking his heart and bank balance in one go. Meanwhile, he is left with the stress of running his fledgling café business and is haunted every night by a nightmare poisoning his dreams.

An energising remedy in his life though, is his friendship with cocky womanizer Garrick Masters. Every Thursday Garrick holds game night at his swanky apartment where the two men gamble and booze it up. One evening things take a sexy detour when Callum loses a bet and has to clean Garrick’s apartment… naked.

An entirely unexpected passion explodes between the two friends and leaves Callum questioning his sexuality and aching heart. Callum soon realises that if he wants to explore these forbidden feelings then he must tackle his biggest fear… taking a risk.

Game Night is a 60,000 word erotically-charged tale with a HFN ending. It is sexy, heartfelt and most definitely filthy. It is the opening chapter of a new steamy romantic adventure but can be read as a standalone. It is loaded with hot d/s action where characters do not always make the wisest decisions. Please avoid if you do not enjoy these things.



Book Cover

  • Headless torsos and/or exposed abs - how original



Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


Sex Scenes


  • Garrick is a manipulative douchecanoe*

Emotional Depth

Content Warnings

*whose egotistical, jealous behavior is consistent with narcissistic personality disorder and who enjoys taking photos of ex-lovers without their consent. Callum needs to run far, FAR away – but he’s already been brainwashed into loving him despite the red flags (which Garrick keeps brushing off as “kink”) so that’s not likely to happen.

I only gave the book 2 stars because I finished it, and that happened because I hoped Garrick would get a grip in the end.


I enjoyed the Crashing Hearts series, but I will not be reading any more books in this one.

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