[L] Past
(Past Present Forever #1)


Whitney Moore


Thought/Mind Media

Release Date

March 21st, 2017



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Classical violinist Vincent Mason has never thought of himself as someone who could fall in love at first sight. It would be illogical and it would also mean letting one more person in. Vincent Mason has never thought of himself as someone who would fall in love at first sight--that is until the diner next door closes and he is faced with the sight of its new occupant.

John Crawford is recently discharged from the army and now is using his training as a chef to live his dream running a cupcake shop in London. It is a dream of a practical life. What could be more impractical than love? Of course that was what he thought until he met the boy next door and his life is changed forever.

But is love at first sight strong enough to survive a complicated past?

When Vince’s Jealous ex--drug dealer Isaac Morrison--shows up out of the blue to try and convince him to return to him, Vince’s new life with John is threatened. Vincent has to choose whether to let a past filled with insecurities from rejection and abusive relationship ruin his chance at a future he could only imagine before.

This story contains a lot of emotion resulting in hot sex (some of which happens in a cupcake shop).



Book Cover

  • Overused stock photos



Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


Sex Scenes


  • I almost didn't finish this book
  • The flow was terrible
  • The story felt as though it was written on an
  • Characters weren't likeable enough for me to care what happened to them

Emotional Depth

Content Warnings

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