[L] Save the Date


Reegan Ellis



Release Date

December 5th, 2016



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It was just supposed to be one little date…
Chicago firefighter Noah Summers lives his life in the closet; it’s just easier that way, after he’s done it for so long. Surrounded by the boy’s club that is the fire department, it’s simply second nature for Noah to go along with the lie… even when that means agreeing to be auctioned off for charity.

The prize for whichever lucky lady wins is a date, and Noah is fine with that. It’s a chance to have a nice dinner, meet someone new, and maybe get the guys off his back about why he never seems to date.

Except it’s not a woman who wins, it’s a man—a cute, sweet, wonderful man who is everything Noah never dared let himself want.

But what’s Christmas for, if not a little magic?

And the winner is…
Cary Ward loves Christmas: the snow, the lights, the music and happy people, the way the whole world seems to be wrapped in magic… even if he can’t seem to find any of that magic for himself. When his best friend drags him along with her to a charity firefighter date auction, Cary figures it’ll just be a bit of fun.

He doesn’t expect to win a date with a drop-dead sexy firefighter. And he certainly doesn’t expect to be so caught by Noah’s easy smile and teasing words. Falling for a straight guy is trouble, even if that guy is sending very mixed signals.

They can’t keep their eyes—or hands—off each other, and Cary can’t help but wonder if he’s found his own Christmas miracle after all…

Save the Date is a 40,000-word novella that features no cheating, a HEA, and enough sweet and spicy scenes to keep you warm even on the coldest winter nights.



Book Cover

  • Generic but attractive



  • Author refused to adhere to the 'manly'-man-only-tops trope*

Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


  • Could use an editor

Sex Scenes


Emotional Depth

Content Warnings

*Ugh, so overdone; I prefer it the other way around, so that was great. I was going to give 4 stars for thinking outside the stereotype, but the typos made me remove a star. I look forward to reading your next book!

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