[L] Studying Liam


Ashlyn Davis



Release Date

February 15th, 2017



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"He's way out of my league... But I swear there's a spark between us...
Life at Vinecross Academy hasn't been easy for Sean, an attractive introvert who isn't making friends very easily at his new college. All eyes seem to be on the cute bookworm, but the closeted student doesn't know how to handle the attention. He has his studies to tend to, especially if he wants to make a good impression at the highly competitive academy.

Try as he might, though, he can't stop stealing glances at a gorgeous but mysterious construction worker named Liam, who's been brought in to do a bit of renovation on campus. Sean quickly finds himself running into the dreamy blonde stud and soon enough, he swears the hunk is stealing a few glances of his own.

But Sean has plenty of secrets and he's kept himself way too guarded to ever fall for anybody. But little does he know, Liam has his own ghosts. Maybe these two young men, different as they seem, are exactly the right match for each other...

This short gay romance novel is 31,000 words and features heavy MM. Click "look inside" for a sample.



Book Cover

  • Overused stock photos



  • It was okay

Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


  • Could use an editor

Sex Scenes


  • The story felt a bit rushed
  • I would have preferred to know what happened re: Sean's parents
  • Wanted a bit more background on secondary characters

Emotional Depth

Content Warnings


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