[L] Sugar Topped


E. Davies, Zach Jenkins


CreateSpace Publishing

Release Date

April 3rd, 2017



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“Temptation is too sweet!”

Julian Holloway is too busy for love. This is his big break at his architecture firm, and sleeping with a near-stranger is supposed to be a one-time thing. Except the guy's straight, and owns the bakery under Julian's new apartment. As the two spend more time that Julian doesn't really have together, he starts to wonder: does Luke feel the same pull toward him?

Luke Thornton swapped guns and armor for cupcakes and muffins. Military training means he runs a tight operation, and now his creative side is let loose. But when he meets the out, proud, and loud Julian, Luke starts to wonder just how creative he's willing to go. After all, he's never been with a man before. Why did the guy have to move in upstairs?!

Despite their differences, two hard-headed men with an insatiable attraction for each other can easily fall into bed. But before long, it's not just chemistry between them. If Luke can learn to give Julian his space while Julian gives Luke his time, will that be enough to help them face the world together?

Sugar Topped is a steamy, stand-alone GFY gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.



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Thank you for writing a story where the “fem” guy wears dresses and not making it the central theme of drama in the story.

Also, thank you for making Julian an engineer who works too hard instead of a stereotypical hairstylist/model/fashion designer who parties too hard. The cliches get boring after awhile.

Lastly, thank you for allowing him to stand up for himself instead of waiting for the other guy to “save” him. I enjoy reading stories with characters like Julian.

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