Loving Noah


Kenna Knight


Prism Heart Press

Release Date

September 25th, 2017



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Noah and I became best friends in kindergarten, and I’ve loved him ever since. When his parents sent him away in our junior year of high school, they didn’t even let us say goodbye. It tore my heart to shreds. Years later, I still drink myself to sleep on the anniversary of his departure.

Until now.

I met someone online, and although he is guarded and mysterious, he makes me feel again. He is the first person since Noah that I can imagine a future with.


Growing up, Liam was the only bright spot in my life. If it weren’t for his friendship and protection, I wouldn’t be here today. He couldn’t be with me all the time, though, and one afternoon during our junior year of high school, a group of bullies decided I needed to be taught a lesson in the form of fists to my face and hurtful words spray painted on my car.

My dad refused to accept that I was gay. Without a goodbye to my friends, he sent me to live with an aunt I never knew. I never contacted Liam after that. It was too humiliating.

Now, after all these years, I may have found him, and we are meeting in person. But he doesn’t know me anymore.

Will he love me when he sees what I have become?



Book Cover

  • Well-done


  • Read all at once (normal)


  • Thanks to the author for not waffling back and forth between the past and present, that gets really annoying after awhile
  • Liam's middle name (no spoilers) must have been a self-fulfilling prophecy or something :)
  • Liam and Noah were very sweet together; it was not really erotic, which was a good thing - I think it would have cheapened their friendship
  • Was concerned about the whole boyfriends thing happening so quickly, but it wasn't as soon as it could have been with another couple since they were lifelong friends
  • Billy the cat was hilarious and adorable
  • None of the women were portrayed in a misogynistic way

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Could use a better editor

Sex Scenes

  • Decently sweet


  • 80% in, the book gets kinda schmaltzy, but the climax certainly dialed it back a bit
  • Odd name change - I thought the mother's name was Ana, but the author kept writing Katherine; I thought Aunt Kitty's name was short for Katherine
  • Logic fail - It's clear his mom has the means to leave, so why didn't she? It seems as though she chose her alcoholic husband over her son
  • Big misunderstanding near the end of the book; although it was resolved within a few pages, it felt kind of quick

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Abuse (emotional/physical, one, supporting, past and present)
  • Character death (supporting, one, present)
  • Drug use (consensual, alcoholism, one, supporting, past/present)


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