Luna’s Lesson


Casper Graham


Siren Publishing

Release Date

September 5th, 2017



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The three hellhounds, Everett Parrish, Edward Parrish, and Ellis Parrish, and the grim reaper, Silas Gibson, are banished from hell after committing one the biggest infractions of the underworld. They may return when they manage to impregnate a man. It’s an impossible condition. No known magic can create such a miracle.

Quentin Ryland, a witch from an ancient lineage with his own secret, enters their lives. Every full moon, his male sex organs are replaced by a female sex organs, including a womb. It’s a lesson from Luna, the moon goddess, for the cruelty committed by one of Quentin’s ancestors. He needs to fulfill three conditions to complete the lesson.

Everett, Edward, Ellis, and Silas come up with the perfect solution for everyone in the form of an eternal mating. Unfortunately, someone isn’t pleased with their mating, abducting Quentin before he can be impregnated.

Can they find their way back to one another and get their forever happily ever after?



Book Cover

  • Terrible^


  • Read all at once (normal)


  • Poly relationships are always interesting; I enjoy reading how many distinct personalities mesh
  • The backstory regarding the supernaturals coming out of hiding, and after a relatively brief attempt at violence are at a tenuous peace with humans*
  • That when Quentin interviews for the hotel job, the author has him work through his objections (which tend to be the same objections the reader has) in order to dispel them and weave the answers into the narrative
  • That Quentin was an extremely helpful assistant and continued working after the mating despite his partners' objections...
  • That the author notes that neither angels nor demons are perfectly good or perfectly evil, just on different ends of a spectrum
  • No insta-love - an especially common trope in Siren's romances
  • I didn't see the villain-y threat coming, so good job there
  • That after Quentin's change, the guys still lubed him up before sex***

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot
  • Decently sweet


  • Quentin's parents and siblings want nothing to do with him because of his 'curse' and kicked him out of the house at 18 because of it
  • A lot of 'please save me from destitution, Mr. Rich Man' aka 'someday my prince will come' vibes here
  • Although both are correct, five 'millennia' is generally used more than 'millenniums'
  • If the passcodes to the elevator-access-only top floors are changed daily, what happens when a guest stays multiple days? Do they need a new code every day? Also, shouldn't there be stairs, for fire safety? Paranormals can be burned to an extra crisp, too.
  • ...and he talks about how all of his financial problems will be solved, yet later he says he never considered that he'd be wealthy himself. Which is it?**
  • The 'hellhounds' thing was confusing; they're not brothers, but they're not clones - they're completely unrelated yet can share a hellhound body when necessary...whaaaaaaat
  • It's Quentin's first time, yet they start out with double penetration...yeah, THAT'S unrealistic
  • After Quentin's change, 'pussy' being used every other sentence was a bit much****
  • The epilogue is 5 years later - guess not much happened in the interim?

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • None^^

In my e-reader, the blurb was a non-customizable color compared to the rest of the story text; since I invert the text and background colors, this formatting made it very hard to read.

^Truly an atrocity with multiple headless torsos and exposed abs with terrible layering and blending; although the lighting isn’t too bad, I truly don’t expect much from Siren Publishing as their covers are generally ‘i just opened Photoshop for the first time’ material. They should step up their game, but I doubt they will. Because of the generally mediocre writing, I tend to lower my standards when reviewing them – but not in this case. In fact, this may be the highest rating I’ve given one of their books. They went above and beyond my expectations, so good job, Casper Graham!

*The supernaturals also make a point to show that of the two, the humans are the most barbaric by far. For example, there’s no non-consensual sex among supernaturals because it’s a crime punishable by death.

**I was getting ‘submissive housewife’ vibes, too, but as soon as the guys brought up that he’d never have to work again, Quentin stood up for himself and said he could still work and would continue to do so. I think the author tried to show Quentin as a multifaceted person and not a gold digger by having Quentin work hard as their personal assistant. However, he seemed greedy at first and it appears the author later had a change of heart. He was happy not to have to worry about money anymore, but more importantly, he was excited to be part of a new family and not be so lonely anymore.

***Yes, even though a vagina creates its own lubrication, always use extra; you can never have too much lube. Also, anal to vagina is generally frowned upon due to bacteria transmission and such, so pick one and stick with it. Although it’s unlikely most of the guys I’m talking to right now would go anywhere near a vagina, this has been a Pubic Service Announcement.

****I don’t normally want to read about vaginas and whatnot at all, but since this is a different type of story, I’m cool with it – as long as it’s not overdone.

^^Although if you don’t want to read about vaginas in explicit detail, you may consider this a content warning.

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