Meant For Each Other
(Meant For Each Other #1)


D.H. Starr




Ai Press

Release Date

November 15th, 2010



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Sometimes your first love is the one that was meant to be.

Craig Harper and Jeremy Finn were best friends growing up. They attended the same school, spent all of their time together, and hung out with the same group of people. It wasn't until the day before Jeremy and his family moved across the country that they discovered their attraction to one another.

Fifteen years later, they reunite by chance in New York City. Both are in relationships and have established a routine in their lives. But routines and relationships are shaken as they begin to spend time together once again. Old feelings and connections are still strong and the passion that pulls them together is a powerful, soul-searing call neither man can deny.

As each deals with the issues in their own relationships, they begin to question whether the comfort of what they know is more powerful than the pull of what they could have been...and what they might become. Struggling to find the answer, only their hearts can reveal if they are meant for each other.



Book Cover

  • Exposed abs and/or headless torsos - how original^


  • Did not finish


  • The prologue was both sweet and sad at the same time
  • Jeremy's student whose parents are going through a divorce seemed like a really smart, talented, and resilient kid

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Pissed off


  • Very few typos

Sex Scenes


  • The 'reunited' trope is one of my least favorite, but the 'best friend' trope drew me in
  • Smoking, ugh
  • I hate flashbacks; I don't really care how the characters met their significant others, so I skimmed past those parts
  • Craig and Jeremy seem unwilling to stand up for themselves to their partners; Jeremy's especially compromising to the point where he's losing important pieces of himself, and that never ends well
  • I don't care to read in explicit detail about a character cheating on another
  • I didn't want to read pages and pages about their significant others, I wanted them to be reunited already so we could get on with the real story; it just felt drawn out
  • DNF @ 56.7% - If Craig and Jeremy are unhappy with their partners, why not break up*

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Cheating (supporting, one, present)
  • Cheating (main, two, present)

*Cheating is bullshit and a coward’s way out of a relationship that harms everyone involved. I don’t speak from personal experience because when a relationship doesn’t work out, I have enough discernment and maturity to know that it has to end. Having an extensive amount of time and effort invested or wanting to avoid drama is no excuse to stay together. If a person can’t break up with someone, they’re better off waiting until they’ve gained enough self-awareness to be an emotionally mature partner in a healthy relationship.

^Terrible Photoshop job with the tree limbs or whatever

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