More Than Just a Good Book


Sloan Parker


Sloan Parker Press

Release Date

November 18th, 2013



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Shy, nervous Scott is a big book geek, and fellow student Mark is a bit controlling between the sheets. During one afternoon at the university library, they find they are the perfect match. Now they have to find out if they can keep on proving that some things are even more enjoyable than a good book.

As the two begin exploring their most secret sexual fantasies, neither can imagine walking away. With only one semester left before they head off in different directions, they discover it’s impossible to avoid their growing feelings for each other. When a desperate bully tries to destroy Mark’s chance at the career he’s always wanted and tries to keep him away from Scott, the two lovers must come to terms with exactly what it means to be in love with someone—and how to be brave enough to go after what it is they truly want.

This is the expanded, full-length novel. The original, free short story is chapter one of this novel.



Book Cover

  • Meh


  • Read all at once (riveted)


  • Scott reads a stack of new books every week, and is really worried that the bully will get him kicked out of the librar; he practically lives there and his reading habit is too expensive not to use a library…sounds familiar :)
  • Library sex!
  • Mark thought it would be a hot quickie and is surprised and scared about how much he keeps losing control around Scott; he doesn't want to go too far with the kink*
  • That the book is told from Mark and Scott's point of view; we're not left guessing
  • That during sex, Scott asks Mark a question and he actually stops what he's doing and gives him a response instead of ignoring him - it's great he's being careful with Scott
  • That Mark loves how intelligent and inquisitive Scott is
  • Scott's dad is really great; I'm glad he has someone he can count on and talk to about anything
  • The mystery surrounding Bruce was intriguing and super creepy
  • That Bruce was humanized and didn't remain ultra-villain-y; I actually got concerned about what would happen to him at one point
  • I enjoyed the end scene

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot^
  • Decently sweet


  • At one point, Scott jizzed all over Mark's bookshelf and Mark talks about how he loves having the reminder that Scott was there - ewwww
  • How Bruce the bully talks about raping the gay out of Scott; while horrific and impossible, also the hallmark of a closet case
  • After the fight, I think the author had Mark go out of town and skipped over the few days in between so the injuries could fade enough for the characters to have sex again
  • No big misunderstanding; they communicated in a largely rational way and worked things out

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • BDSM (namely, bondage, D/s, major, two, present)
  • Kink (namely, spanking, major, one, present)
  • Non-con (allusion to, main, one, present)
  • Violence

^Almost off the charts, but I think it’s the combo of library sex AND kink for me, not to mention the food sex later. Crossdressing would have made this perfect, but it wouldn’t have fit well with the story. This author can definitely can write a sex scene. It’s a nearly perfect blend of erotica and romance.


*I can totally understand the second guessing and making sure you don’t force your kinks on someone who isn’t into them.

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