Off-Campus Setup


Maria Vickers



Release Date

November 25th, 2017



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Levi Cox left it all behind to go to school in California, but nothing could prepare him for what he discovers when he gets there. Between the university screwing up his living arrangements, the weird meddling old woman who runs the boarding house, and the fellow student who instantly catches his eye, life in Cali is more than he expected, and he isn’t sure he’s ready for any of it. College was supposed to be an adventure, but this might be more than Levi can handle.

Nathan Orion wants to have fun. That’s what he lives for and it's exactly what his college years are supposed to be about. He’s happy with living the single life and being carefree…that is until the new student at his grandmother’s boarding house crashes into his life. Now he’s been recruited to show the new guy around, and if Nathan has his way, it won't be just on-campus.

Will there be more, or is this only an illusion? Two men thrown together, not expecting anything, but possibly finding so much more than an off-campus setup.



Book Cover

  • Well-done^


  • Memorable after I put it down for a few hours


  • This book was funnier than I expected
  • Nathan's grandma, Mavis, who made a point of installing wheelchair access and an elevator in her home so she could accommodate student boarders with special needs*
  • Mavis' culinary experiments were hilarious
  • Levi's reason for wanting to help children by becoming a physical therapist
  • Levi's sex dream about Nathan was pretty funny - a lot of things 'magically' happening made it obvious it was a dream, though
  • The pot-banging 'earthquake' scene
  • When Mavis caught Nathan and Levi in bed together****
  • Although I saw it coming, the plot twist was tangled, yet interesting
  • Levi's the only genuine person in the whole bookLevi's the only genuine person in the whole book

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Could use a better editor^^

Sex Scenes

  • Decently hot
  • Decently sweet


  • The whole book was building up to a huge misunderstanding at around 75% in**
  • When they tripped in the attic, fell on top of each other and kissed; super schmaltzy and unlikely***
  • How Levi's life was manipulated when everyone could have just been honest with him in the first place; the level of deception was off the charts

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • None

^Seems to represent each character pretty well, and I don’t think I’ve seen these models before

^^The mistakes were careless and annoying

*This may not seem like a big deal to you, but when most places become ADA-compliant only after a lawsuit, it is to me.

**It seems like Nathan not telling Levi exactly why he was hanging out with him from the start was going to end in a clusterfuck of epic proportions near the end of the book that could have been avoided. No one wants to be taken on dates out of pity, and Levi made a good point: If Nathan got paid to date him, it’s likely he got paid more to sleep with him. Levi’s already been through so much crap this year, he doesn’t need this, too.

***Speaking of the attic, it must be massive if there are 23 boxes of JUST Labor Day decorations!

****It was funny, but she was really mad. I think she was upset because she didn’t expect it to get that far, and she thought Nathan was just using Levi for sex

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