One Night Alone


Sarah Havan



Release Date

December 11th, 2017



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For the past several months, Parker and Will have been messaging each other, sending flirty selfies, and making each other smile. Somewhere along the line, Parker started to fall in love with Will Jacobs. The problem is that Will is his best friend’s brother and also nine years younger than him, but he can’t deny his feelings much longer.

Will is a college sophomore and in love with his brother’s best friend, Parker Sanderson, who should be off limits, but he’s had a crush on him for years. Since they’ve started talking, his crush became more. At an after-Christmas weekend in the woods, Will plans on telling his family he’s gay. He also plans on telling Parker that he loves him and doesn’t want to wait for him any longer.

When Parker and Will get snowed in for the evening, they have the perfect chance to profess their love for each other and each be with a man for the first time, but once their evening ends, things might not go so smoothly for them.



Book Cover

  • Generic but attractive


  • Too brief to put down


  • The author's descriptions during sex were okay…
  • A realistic portrayal of a first time; it wasn't glossed over or made into something where the pain is mitigated due to desperation
  • That Parker stood by Will even though he seemed like the type to throw him under the bus at the first opportunity; I'm glad to be wrong

Character Depth

  • Ankle deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Apathetic


  • Could use a better editor

Sex Scenes

  • Meh


  • …but it seemed these guys talked in whole sentences and paragraphs; shouldn't they be busy with other things?
  • Stereotypes*
  • Too much emotional whiplash between Will and Parker; seemingly within the space of a page, it goes from angry to crying to happy…no
  • Too many careless editing mistakes
  • This**
  • The way Will's brother found out about them was really sucky and seemed to be a way to create unnecessary drama

Emotional Depth

  • Apathetic

Content Warnings

  • None

The premise of the story is interesting, but the way the author wrote it seemed a bit stilted at times


*Will wants to be a gymnast, but the guys (including his brother and his brother’s friends) make fun of him like as it’s not considered masculine or a real sport; he looks up to his brother, and Will gave up his dreams to make him happy. I hate when hypermasculine guys think that any guy with empathy is ‘sensitive’ (used pejoratively, of course)


**“I want to be in you so badly. Are you okay with that, me thrusting my thick cock in your hole?”



It ended at 82% of the Kindle file with an excerpt from some other book after that

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