Only Him


Savannah Brooks



Release Date

October 15th, 2017



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Alex thought he could get over his feelings for his stepbrother, Tyler, but as much as he tried, his heart wouldn’t let him. He’s finally decided he wants to give Tyler everything he possibly can, but in a world occupied by both humans and shifters, it isn’t easy. Tyler wants more than Alex can ever give him. Even so, Alex is determined to give him whatever is possible. Once he can gather the courage to tell their parents…

This 14,000 word novelette features a heartfelt romance between two stepbrothers in an alpha/omega world filled with both humans and shifters, an impossible dream for two men in love, and a beautiful HEA that will warm your heart.



Book Cover

  • Overused stock photos^


  • Too brief to put down


  • The unique and interesting premise*
  • It was very clear that Alex and Tyler love and care about each other…

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Apathetic


  • Very few typos

Sex Scenes

  • Decently hot
  • Decently sweet


  • …but I really wanted to see how their relationship developed instead of just jumping into things in the middle**
  • I figured out the twist not long after I started the story
  • Performing medical experiments on someone without their knowledge or consent is a HUGE dislike for me, plus we never figure out what they shift into
  • The book's pacing was too quick for me

Emotional Depth

  • Apathetic

Content Warnings

  • Incest (pseudo - stepbrothers, main, two, present)
  • Drug use (non-consensual, fertility/virility, main, two, present)

^I am really tired of these dudes on the cover, and the layout is meh

*Although I don’t have many likes, I don’t dislike this book – the premise was the only reason it’s 2.5 stars instead of 2, but I would have enjoyed it more if it were more fleshed out. The story jumped around a lot.

**I was not expecting to just jump right into a sex scene; I expected more of an emotional tug-of-war at first

Contains knotting; sometimes I forget to mention this, so I have to work on being more consistent about it, sorry.

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