Our Gentle Sin


Lyra Evans



Release Date

November 3rd, 2017



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A Taboo M/M Romance

Kane may be older than Levi—by six minutes—but he’s always found comfort in knowing Levi would be the one to take charge. That's how it's always been. But all it takes is one winding road and a sudden storm for their world to shift in an instant. As Levi struggles to cope, Kane has no choice but to become the strong one.

But where Kane wants things to go back to normal, Levi seems determined to change as much as possible. He starts acting differently, more recklessly, and Kane isn’t sure what to do. What can he do, after all? He can’t stop Levi from flirting with every guy that breathes, or from going to every party on campus. But when Levi begs Kane to join him at a Halloween party, Kane finds himself in a predicament he never imagined. He’s given in to a passion he didn’t know he had, and worse—he doesn’t regret it.

Faced with the reality of his growing desires, Kane starts to pull away from Levi. But no matter what he does, Kane can’t fight his yearning, and Levi isn’t making it any easier. Though Kane keeps asking himself, "what’s wrong with me?" maybe Kane should be asking what’s wrong with Levi... And will it tear them apart for good?

Our Gentle Sin is a contemporary m/m romance of a taboo nature that some readers might find objectionable. It contains explicit sexual content between two consenting adults, violence, coarse language, and the use of sexual slurs. It is not appropriate for readers under 18 years of age.



Book Cover

  • Headless torsos and/or exposed abs – how original


  • Read all at once (riveted)


  • Kane's roommate is a black girl, and she's shown as being a really decent person and interesting character with nary a stereotype to be found
  • The plot spiral was extremely unexpected, and it turns out that Levi isn't goofing off like Kane thinks he is
  • How they both deal with their grief differently
  • This story has a plot, and explored the concept more deeply than society's typical twincest porn does; there was a high level of conflict inside Kane's mind as he tries to work through it

Character Depth

  • Chest deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Happy


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot


  • The prologue is in the present and chapter 1 is '6 months earlier'; I hate that
  • I understand that they're both in costume at the Halloween party, but I would think Kane knows his brother's voice at the very least - even drunk
  • The death of their parents is a bit convenient considering the nature of this book

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Incest (twincest)
  • Character death (minor, two, past)
  • Dub-con (major, one, present)
  • Abuse (physical/emotional/sexual, major, one, present)

I’ve never read an ‘accidental’ incest story before…interesting


Kane is definitely his brother’s protector, and it’s clear he’s totally adrift without him


They’re social media influencers/Instagram celebrities, which is a first for me as well

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