Package Deal


Skye Faun





Release Date

September 26th, 2017



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Tom is a wet dream walking. His work as a UPS driver gives him his toned body while his English Lit PhD gives him his brains.

Miles is studious, introverted, and ready for his forever. As a quiet librarian looking to settle down, he's taken some medical steps that make him different from other men.

When Tom and Miles get together for a hot night of passion, will they walk away from it with so much more than memories?

*Package Deal is a M/M Mpreg HEA Romance written to hit you in the feels. For a limited time it includes a bonus book feature.*



Book Cover

  • Generic but attractive


  • Memorable after I put it down for a few hours


  • Male Pregnancy with no alpha/omega dynamic
  • The artificial womb has been developed, allowing any man to become pregnant if they choose, requires only one sperm cell, and notifies them of pregnancy via an app. Pretty cool!

Character Depth

  • Ankle deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Revolted


  • Could use a better editor

Sex Scenes

  • Dear God make it stop


  • The narrator keeps repeating themselves every other paragraph a couple of times in the book, like page filler or something
  • Lot of telling instead of showing
  • Insta-love
  • DNF @ 50% of Kindle file
  • A BUNCH of other stuff*

Emotional Depth

  • Apathetic

Content Warnings

  • None
  1. We’re told the book is set in 2020 – I hate when authors do this because it takes me out of the story. I don’t like to be told the era.
  2. Some of the descriptive words for the sex scenes were really ridiculous and should have been left out, e.g. love canal, love hole.
  3. They were both naked, and sitting ON THE FURNITURE in a public library – ewwwww!
  4. Tom flying off the deep end practically out of nowhere when Miles calls about the pregnancy:

    Miles sank into the soft fabric chair, took out his phone, and breathed deeply. Tom’s number was already saved in Miles’s phone. Only as Tom, no last name. It took one click to dial. Tom answered, through wind noise and traffic sounds. “Yeah hello I’m driving for work right now.” “Tom, I just wanted to let you know–” “Can we have this conversation another time? I’m driving now.” UPS truck engine growl. Honking horns. “Tom, I’m pregnant.” “Ha ha. Comedian. No really, can we talk later?” A close-up honking horn. Tom sighing. “Tom, really. I’m pregnant. You’re the father.” “Are you high or something?” Tom was almost yelling. “What the hell? I don’t put my dick in crazy. Can you call me back later when I’m not driving and you’re not tripping?” Miles could picture Tom shaking his head while driving his UPS truck. Miles hung up. That was that.

    Sort of in Tom’s defense, Miles should have waited until after work to call.

  5. When Tom says the dashboard and mileage sheet reminds him of Miles constantly because they both contain the word miles…really?!
  6. Tom finding out that Miles really is pregnant by seeing his stomach (at 3 months…unlikely) and everything being okay within a few paragraphs is too fast for me. He then asks Miles to move in with him so he won’t be alone during the rest of the pregnancy (6 months).
  7. Yet another revolting sex description:

    He felt his cum load going through his dick. It was a gob of syrup making its way through, like a piece of fruit slowly pushing through a drinking straw. Tom was sucking on Miles’s dick just as he’d suck on a drinking straw, milking and sucking the cum out of Miles.

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