Robyn: Forced to be Their Sister


Sadie Sins



Release Date

June 11th, 2016



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Rob has had enough of his older brothers teasing him. Just because his mother insisted he was her honorary girl when she was done raising sons didn’t mean he was an actual girl! He’s sick of being treated like a chick and he’s looking for vengeance.

Rob’s three older brother’s are sick of their little brother acting like an angry, spoiled brat. When Rob crosses the lines with another one of his childish pranks, they decide it’s time to teach their little sister a lesson in being a girl the only way three muscular, controlling guys know how.

This story is 17,000+ words long. It contains graphic language, sexually explicit content between brothers, a great corset and leather boots, spanking, and mild humiliation mixed with some tears. 18+ Only



Book Cover

  • Generic but attractive


  • Too brief to put down


  • The sugar prank was pretty funny...

Character Depth

  • Toe deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Meh


  • Very few/no typos

Sex Scenes

  • Plasma hot^


  • ...except for the whole 'forgot my brother is diabetic' issue
  • That Rob's brothers don't stand up for him
  • If Rob has a brother named Robbie, then they're both really named Robert; makes no sense
  • Rob's mom dressing him up as a girl because she always wanted a girl*
  • This story is less hot and more weird - not because of the incest, but because of psychological implications
  • The fact that the guys tried so hard to make Rob Robyn**

Emotional Depth


Content Warnings

  • Dub-con (major, one, present)
  • Incest (brothers)
  • BDSM (namely, D/s)
  • Kink (namely, crossdressing, spanking)

^To a point – see other notes


*I fucking hate this – it’s not her job to shove her gender preferences on her kid without their consent, and I’m not sure how much this has affected him psychologically. I know this story is not supposed to be this deep, but it somehow is.


**I figured that there would be forced feminization, which is fine but not a favorite trope; there’s always a great deal of transferring responsibility to the person forcing it in order to avoid feeling guilt for enjoying something the feminized guy feels societal pressure to dislike because it’s not considered “manly.” It implies to me that being feminine is somehow inferior and something to be ashamed of or fetishized, on which I clearly disagree.

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