The Other Side


Ashley Johns



Release Date

December 8th, 2017



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When Frank meets his new neighbors, Oliver and David Martin, he's just happy to have found some friends. But, when Frank begins to suspect that not all is well in the Martin house and begins to search for answers, he finds himself in the middle of a strange family feud that could test his patience, his morals, and ultimately place his own life and those he cares about in danger.



Book Cover

  • Meh^



  • Frank seemed really cool

Character Depth

Mood Upon Completion


Sex Scenes


  • Oliver's parents are super creepy
  • DNF @ 16% - whole chapters and paragraphs repeat*

Emotional Depth

Content Warnings

^Cover layout leaves a lot to be desired – pretty basic

*The Kindle book wasn’t formatted correctly; it only showed ‘Cover’ and no chapters, so I couldn’t navigate easily. I just gave up. A shame, as it was a really interesting story, but not so interesting I’m going to jump through repetitive hoops to try to read it. I don’t believe it’s as long as it says it is, either.

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