X by Kass Barrow


Kass Barrow





Release Date

April 3rd 2018



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When you hit rock bottom, it’s time to hit the road. Call it running away, if you like, but I call it self-preservation. I picked a remote location at random off a map and bought a ticket to my new life, hoping I can forget the past.

It’s a two-day bus ride to my destination, but something odd happens when we pull into the overnight stop. A young man is waiting for me at the station. I didn’t arrange for anyone to meet me, but I’m drawn to him in a way I can’t explain.

I see something of myself in him. I see pain. I see the suffering of a damaged soul behind those smiling eyes. His eyes are reaching out to me, asking me for help. I think maybe we can help each other.

I’m sworn off men, but there’s no harm in a one-night stand. A brief encounter with a beautiful stranger, with no strings attached? It might do me the world of good and then I’ll be gone in the morning, with my heart still intact.

Except this is no ordinary town and he’s no ordinary young man.

I’m about to discover that the one thing you can never run from is yourself.



Book Cover

  • Fits the story


  • Too brief to put down


  • This was an excellent short story that was FULL of plot hairpin turns; everything is not what it appears to be, and reading the sequel explained a lot*

Character Depth

  • Hip deep

Mood Upon Completion

  • Unresolved


  • No typos

Sex Scenes

  • Decently hot


  • It ends on a cliffhanger…grr

Emotional Depth

  • Weakly emotional

Content Warnings

  • Cheating (minor, one, past)

*Explaining any more than this will ruin the story

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