Authors and publishers:

My subscribers come first. Always. They believe in me enough to become paid subscribers, and I feel the very least I can do is purchase my own books (for the most part – see below) to maintain their trust in my reviews. They are my sponsors, and my loyalties lie with them.

I only accept physical book submissions anonymously in person or via snail mail. At conventions, I have a submissions box or bag next to my table where you may place your book. It’s best we have limited contact because networking can lead to inadvertent bias (see avoiding bias is extremely important to me). If you’d like to send your book via snail mail, the address is on my Contact page. Please send only the book(s) with no identifying information or any promotional products, coupons, etc. I do not accept e-books; the author or publisher’s name may be inadvertently revealed, and I don’t accept them from individuals because piracy is a plague upon mankind. I have a learning disability, so I also do not accept audiobook submissions.

I do not use NetGalley, etc.

I will not go easy on you. I will let my subscribers know if a book was sent to me for free; if you want positive reviews and zero criticism, I’m not your girl. I have space set aside in my reviews for likes and dislikes for a reason 🙂

I only read books I find interesting. If it’s not something I’d like to read or the anonymity has been compromised, I will place it in a giveaway (the recipient may or may not review the book at their discretion) instead of returning it. Placement in said giveaway does not constitute endorsement of your book.

No outsourcing, and no guest posts. I am and will always be the sole reviewer under my brand. I also do not accept guest posts here or special guests on my web series.

I will review in my own time. I don’t care about being the first, latest, etc. to review a book because it’s impossible. I read about 60 books per month, I only review 20 per month at this time. The backlog is ridiculous. I will eventually be able to afford to shorten the turnaround time via extra help and more episodes per day, but in the meantime the project management triple constraint comes into effect here.

Shout out to Eleanor Harkstead for giving me the idea to do this! I really hate wasting anyone’s time, so it’s better to let you know right here what I’m most and least likely to read – before you contact me 🙂

I’m also including my top 10 subgenres; I could only come up with 8 bottom subgenres, but they’re big and in descending order from worst to not-as-bad.

Most-Read Genres




New Adult

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Young Adult





Historical: Past and future, especially with established time periods (e.g. 1802, 2250, Civil War, etc.)

Erotica: Guys, if there’s no plot, there isn’t much to review

Top 10 Subgenre Categories

Alternative Lifestyles: BDSM and crossdressing

Sex, Gender, & Sexuality: Genderfluid/androgynous men; intersex people

Medical Issues: Agoraphobia; visual, hearing, physical impairment

Deserted Island

Best Friends: Friends since childhood

Professions: Boss/assistant; CEOs; business owners; consultants; librarians; teachers; mannies; phone sex operators; bakers; chefs; scientists

School: High school or college; especially geeks and athletes


Mythological: Humorous stories; non-shifter matings; fae; gargoyles; magic; shapeshifters (disabled, dragons, mermen, odd animal choices [e.g. badgers, rabbits, etc.]); vampires


Bottom 8 Subgenre Categories

Sex, Gender, & Sexuality: Bluntly (likely offensively), if a main character has or starts out with boobs and/or a vagina, I’m not interested; works where all supporting or minor female characters are largely represented as harpies, bitches, evil etc.; any blatant attempts by authors to perpetuate ignorance, e.g. bi/trans/etc-erasure stereotypes left unchecked

Interracial romance: Too many stereotypes, too rarely done right

Romance set in countries where English isn’t the primary language and the author doesn’t actually live there: Too many stereotypes, too rarely done right

Hurt/Comfort: Anything that ends with main character death; cheating (main characters [minor or supporting ok])

Personality Types: Straight-acting (what even is that, anyway?)

Mythological: Anything with a location not based on Earth or Earth-like (alternate realms are very okay); aliens; alpha/omega stereotypes (macho/manly alpha, simpering omega who can’t control himself – no); apocalyptic; time travel; psychics; zombies

Professions: Actors/theatre; graphic and web designers; musicians; politicians; military

Holidays: Only because it won’t be scheduled to air until the next year, and I doubt you want to wait that long!